targets & tools

Perform detailed system characterization to expedite imaging system development. Reduce reliance on serial dilutions by using our solid reference targets. Use QUel Imaging Reference Targets to test for:

New designs and characterization techniques are currently under development, with custom solutions available to support your quality assurance efforts.

QUEL Imaging fluorescence phantoms are ideal for system demonstrations and trade shows. These designs cater toward frequent testing with high irradianadiance systems. Simple coin more complex vessel geometries are available with different fluorophore concentrations.

Tools and Services

Optical Characterization

  • Optimize your imaging system with knowledge of how excitation wavelengths can impact fluorescence emissions

  • Fluorescence excitation emission matrix

  • Mimic in vivo scattering and absorption

  • Embedded fluorophore is shelf-stable in phantoms

  • Characterize photobleaching rate

Optical Simulations

  • Test design perturbations in silicio

  • Simulate optical fluence & fluorescence

  • Leverage well-characterized phantom optical properties

  • Customize geometry

  • Optimized cloud-computing for efficient performance

Image Analysis

  • Upload images to our web portal

  • Unique user accounts & groups

  • Automated analysis for QUEL reference targets

  • Expert verification

  • Cross-system comparisons

  • Track performance over time

Custom Solutions

Our manufacturing process provides the ability to produce economical custom phantoms. Have an idea for a custom design? Our engineering team is able to manufacture custom geometries and incorporate different NIR fluorophores. We also have experience tuning optical properties to meet customer needs. Reach out to our sales team for a consultation.