QUEL Imaging provides world-leading expertise in biomedical optics. Our unique knowledge-base and portfolio of innovative tools aim to advance optical diagnosis and treatment. We partner with both device manufacturers and medical professionals who are developing and using fluorescence imaging platforms.

QUEL Imaging has developed a process to manufacture fluorescence reference targets and phantoms which mimic tissue optical properties. We have a set of products which have ICG-equivalent fluorescence and we are also able to develop custom targets for application-specific NIR fluorophores. Please see our available products in our online store, or contacts us if you would like to discuss custom designs.

We also provide services and tools to help enable high-quality research in the field of photodynamic therapy. Our team has extensive experience in:

  • Photophysics of photodynamic therapy

  • Software and modeling of light-tissue interactions

  • Cost-effecting imaging device development

  • Clinical trials

Please contact us to discuss how our team can help you advance light-activated therapies.