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Accelerating clinical translation of
optical imaging technologies

QUEL Imaging leverages our world-leading expertise in biomedical optics to help your team succeed. We offer innovative tools to standardize and accelerate your development lifecycle. We partner with device manufacturers, probe developers and medical professionals to deliver the highest quality customized solutions.

QUEL Imaging has developed innovative manufacturing protocols to produce solid fluorescence reference targets and phantoms with tissue mimicking optical properties. These products are designed to mimic both FDA-approved fluorophores, and contrast agents in late-stage clinical trials. 

Our manufacturing platforms provides the flexibility to customize phantom optical properties. These solid phantoms are available with customized absorption and reduced scattering to mimic different tissue types.  Optical characterization  is available over the VIS/NIR/SWIR (500 nm - 1500 nm) range.

Please see our available products in our online store, or contacts us if you would like to discuss custom designs.